Wolf Commercial Real Estate

VisionLine Media creates and manages a number of online systems for Wolf Commercial Real Estate (WCRE). Our goal was to create the most search dominant commercial real estate site in all of South Jersey. We created a custom real estate listing engine that interfaces with WCRE agents to direct leads and assign pre-populated contact details. Listings can be searched by geography, property type and proximity. Property listings are also fed dynamically into town specific landing pages for maximum SEO benefit. This site averages approximately 10,000 visitors per month.

WCRE Customer Highlights

  • Creation and Management of 800+ Page Website
  • Creation and Management of 70+ Micro Sites
  • Creation of Custom Real Estate Listings System
  • Custom Client Spotlight Module
  • Custom News Ticker
  • Regular SEO and Content Management
  • Regular PPC Management
  • Remarketing and Paid Placements

WCRE Project Photos