Batsto Village

Batsto Village is an historic site in the South Central Pinelands of New Jersey. It is known throughout the country, both for its beauty and its historical significance. Batsto has roots dating back to 1766, with nearly two and a half centuries of American history available for our visitors to see, all with the lovely Pinelands as a scenic backdrop. The organization had a VERY outdated HTML Website that was sized for old, tiny 800×600 browser resolutions and was not mobile friendly at all. In addition all the photos on the site were small and grainy. VisionLine completely redesigned the Batsto site to be a cool, modern site complete with a new logo. The new site features huge, beautiful photos and looks amazing on mobile devices. We even added the ability to sell merchandise online and take online donations via credit cards!

Batsto Village Project Highlights

  • Creation of New Branded Logo
  • Creation and Management of new Website
  • Better Search Optimization
  • Live Camera Feed
  • Photo Galleries
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Online Donations System
  • Batsto Village Project Photos