A&I Electrical Construction Inc.

VisionLine Media recently got contacted by A&I Electrical, to build out a brand aware website that can cater to customers whilst showcasing their abilities. We then had a temp site created following a design discussion. Once the temp site was approved of we got to work on filling it out with content. After the content was added in it was then optimized for Search Engines (SEO), each page has the addition of multiple images directly from A&I Electrical job sites! We also made sure to feature each of their licenses, and corporations they work with. A&I Electrical also wanted to put a focus on open positions they have throughout the company, so they had us add job opening forms to the site. Along with the job opening forms, our team also had built out custom contact forms on the site, so clients can easily reach out to A&I Electrical for all services needed. 

A&I Electrical Customer Highlights:

  • Regular SEO & Content Management
  • In House Imagery
  • Custom CTA Forms
  • License Numbers Added
  • Corporate Partners Listed
  • Custom Job Opening Forms

A&I Electrical  Project Photos: