Our Process

  • Step 1: Initial Meeting

    During our initial meeting we gather detailed information regarding your desires for both the form and the function of your new Website. We will also ask you to provide us with any marketing materials your currently have including: brochures, photos, business cards and more.

  • Step 2: Preliminary Sitemap & Specifications

    Once back at HQ, we begin putting together a preliminary sitemap for the Website. This becomes the road map for our design team so that they can see all the elements of the project from a 1,000 foot view. We also create a specification document that details the scope of work and describes all the functionality of the site. This document is accompanied by a detailed pricing break down that accounts for every hour spent on your project and how that correlates with the final price.

  • Step 3: Design “Shell” Comps

    Once you have engaged our services and given us a down payment, we begin the work of designing your Website. We start by creating the outer “shell” of your site. This represents the theme of the site that stays consistent from page to page. We will show you a number of design options for both the homepage and content pages.

  • Step 4: Programming of Site Shell

    Once you have settled on a design, we begin the process of building that design into a content management system. We use various content management systems depending on the demands of the job including Drupal, Laravel and Wordpress.

  • Step 5: Content Creation

    While your site is being programmed, our team is working in concert with your staff to develop the text for the pages of the site. Once we have a the text written, we start putting it into the site along with any graphics, contact forms or other on page elements.

  • Step 6: Testing and Debugging

    Your site is tested for functionality and you are given access to test it yourself prior to launching the site. We will not launch the site until you give us the go ahead.

  • Step 7: Launch of New Site

    The new site is made live and submitted to search engines through Google Webmaster Tools. Once your final bill is paid, we will teach you how to use your content management system and give you full administrative access to your site. You own all the files and have access to them. After all, it is YOUR website!