TightSeal Exteriors

TightSeal Exteriors was an absolute mess! Their old site was so plugin and JS heavy that it loaded incredibly slow. It was also using Elementor to create custom page templates that seemed to vary from page to page without any rhyme or reason to their variance. Additionally, their almost 100, amazing, customer case studies were not optimized for search engines. VisionLine set to work at designing a modern Website with smooth scrolling animations, fast loading pages and a sticky navigation to better feature CTA items. We then re-optimized EVERY case study around a SERVICE + City + State. Finally we instituted a Google PPC Campaign around the Greater Milwaukee area combined with a remarketing campaign to follow interested prosopects.

Highlights of TightSeal Project

  • Fast, Mobile First Design

  • Reviews Syndicated to Homepage

  • LiveChat Systems

  • Customer Spotlight Posts

  • PPC Campaign, SEO Campaign & Remarketing

Photos of TightSeal Project