Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy

Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy is New Jersey Shore’s first discrete, mobile IV Hydration and vitamin therapy specialist providing in-home and on-site IV Hydration Drips with fluids, vitamins, antioxidants, and over the counter treatments for a variety of conditions. VisionLine was tasked with launching this new business from scratch. This involved creating a mobile-first Website with clear call to action items, creating an online SEO plan and executing a search engine advertising plan. The site is highly trafficked and well optimized in and around Atlantic City. It also features a powerful system that allows prospects to book and pay for an IV hydration appointment online! This system is so smart that it automatically closes appointment time blocks once they are booked. This new business is off to a very strong start.

Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy Project Features

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization Camapaign
  • Pay Per Click Keyword Advertising
  • Paid Placements on Major Websites
  • Remarketing and Retargeting ads

Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy Project Photos