Cape Legal

Barry Corrado Grassi and Gillen-Schwartz (Cape Legal) is a Wildwood, NJ based law firm that spans many legal disciplines. The firm had recently hired a company to do SEO work on their site and launch a PPC campaign. Not only did these efforts fail, they ended up cluttering the site with spammy backlinks and causing a number of technical glitches. In addition to poor SEO tactics, the company completely neglected geographic qualifiers within the site and the PPC campaign. Cape Legal was wasting money in geographies they don’t service. VisionLine re-built their website using best-practice techniques and geographic qualifiers and installed a number of lead capture systems. We also instituted an online marketing campaign aimed at bringing prospects directly to the site where they can engage with a customer representative via Live Chat. Cape legal has seen a massive increase in site leads since the institution of this program.

Cape Legal Project Highlights

  • Creation and Management of new Website
  • Setup of LiveChat Systems
  • Geo-Targeted Landing Pages
  • Regular Blog Article Optimization
  • SEO Tweaks and Management
  • PPC Keyword Advertising
  • Remarketing and Paid Placement Ads

Cape Legal Project Photos